Meet Our Founder, Jon Orr

Jon Orr founded Optimas Financial & Accounting Solutions with a straightforward mission: To provide business leaders with the information they need and deserve.

Jon has built an enviable and wide-ranging career – as a consultant, accountant, CFO and President. He has spent over two decades working in fast growth, turnaround and rapid change environments. He has worked with companies of all sizes – from small start-ups to large enterprises – and he has led business teams of up to 350 employees and companies with sales of $100 million. He has been responsible at one time or another for operations, business development, marketing, HR, finance and even technology, and as a result, he uniquely understands how all aspects of a business coalesce to form a comprehensive organization.

Throughout his experience, Jon has witnessed how poor or insufficient financial information obstructs management’s ability to lead an organization. He founded Optimas to make a difference – to fill the need of so many businesses for better and timelier financial information at a cost-effective value. Jon has deliberately developed an extensive network of seasoned executives and dedicated resources so that Optimas can respond to the challenges you face.

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